A product has 'Rotational Strains' when the LP is using duplicate UPCs for two separate strains. In other words, different SKUs are sharing the same UPC.


How come this happens?

LP re-uses the same UPC even though the strain has changed with the next harvest.

ISSUE: Some of Buddi's retail clients start carrying the new strain, while other clients are still selling the old strain at their store.  Since products sync into Buddi via UPCs, product content can appear outdated / inaccurate at some stores.

How is Buddi addressing the issue?

  • Rotational Strain product listings in our database contain details for both strains

  • ACTION STEPS for retailers:
    1. Edit applicable products in the Admin Portal > 'My Menu' page.
    2. Identify the strains by Product Name; there is a 'Limited Edition' tag.
    3. Delete content that's not relevant AND update all dropdowns / fields accordingly. 

  • NOTE: The product may not be identified as a ROTATIONAL STRAIN in Buddi yet. When this happens, please email support@buddi.io so that we can update the listing in our Product Database. Meanwhile, feel free to edit the listing in your 'My Menu' page with the correct product details.


Article: Rotational Strains


Editing Product Content

Within Buddi, you have the ability to add customized content for products using ‘My Menu’. Here’s a quick video on how to use that feature.

Learn more about product content at Buddi and how you can take control of your content.

If you are still stuck, email support@buddi.io to add the listing and provide us with these details:

  • Product Name
  • LP / Brand
  • Product Type + Variant (ex. Flower 3.5g)
  • UPC (optional but very helpful) 1-2 photos of the product label