Experiencing technical difficulties?



Troubleshooting Tips

  1. Log out and log back in

  2. Close and reopen Browser/App

  3. Clear Browser Cache

  4. Check for Browser Updates; verify that the web browser is up-to-date to ensure compatibility

  5. Check for POS/Hardware Device Updates; confirm that the operating system and associated hardware are running the latest updates

  6. Try Different Web Browser; explore whether the issue is specific to a particular browser

  7. Restart Device; refresh system processes to resolve any temporary glitches

  8. Check Sound with Other Applications/Functions; identify if the problem is isolated to the application

  9. Check System Sound Settings; ensure that the system settings are correctly configured

  10. Test with External Speakers/Headphones; isolate potential issues with internal speakers

  11. Operating System Updates; confirm that the overall system is updated

  12. Check for Audio Driver Updates