If taxes are being charged on Tips like most of your other products, youll need to adjust your tax settings in Cova to solve the issue. This ensures that the order totals match between Buddi and Cova and allow the sale to be tendered in the POS.

The queue would display something like this: "Message from Cova: The payment accepted could not be accepted because [$] is the expected payment amount."

How to Create a No Tax Category in Cova

  1. Go to the Tax Categories page (https://hub.covasoft.net/#TaxSetup/categories) in the Cova Hub
  2. Create a new tax category called "No Tax" or something similar
  3. Assign NO taxes to this new tax category
  4. Assign the Tips product/SKU to this new tax category

Cova has a help article on how to assign products to specific tax categories:

Please follow the instructions on that page. Once you make this product as non-taxable in Cova our software will stop applying taxes to it. This will prevent order total mismatch between Buddi x Cova.


How to Tender a Buddi Sale in Cova with Mismatched Totals

  1. Go to the Order console in Cova POS
  2. Tap on the affected order
  3. Tap on the Edit button (at the bottom)

From there, the Cova system should re-apply the tax rules and remove the taxes from the Tips product. In that case, the amount paid via Buddi should match the total in Cova and you should be able to Confirm & Tender the order in the POS.