Getting Started

To start using Cova Pay you'll need to contact Cova support and let them know you'd like to set up the Cova Pay-Buddi integration ( You'll also need to provide them with the URL of your online menu so that they can add it to an allowlist. 

Once you've been informed by Cova that your account is now configured to accept online payments you can reach out to us (Buddi) and let us know. We'll enable payments for you and get you to run a test payment. 


Refunds cannot be processed through Buddi. To process a refund, it must be done in-store on the Cova Pay terminal as a standalone refund (accessible via the Transactions menu on the terminal). 


  • The Order Reference number is a randomly generated number prefixed by BUDDI (example: BUDDI-123412341234). This number appears in the Buddi queue, and it appears within Cova Reporting in place of the ‘Receipt Number'. It does not appear in the Cova POS.
  • Payment details (card type, last 4 digits, etc) are not displayed in the Buddi order queue, but can be viewed in the Payment and Settlement details report in Cova’s Hub.
  • During the BETA period delivery will not be permitted using Cova Pay. 
  • Tipping can be configured in Buddi. However, the tips will only appear in the Cova Pay reports and not in the Sales-based reports in Hub (such as the End-of-Day Report).
  • This feature is currently in BETA.
  • Additional info: Buddi's Integration with Cova Pay