Preparing for Launch

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Launching your Buddi menu involves several key steps to ensure your online store is ready for orders and payments. This guide provides an overview of the necessary preparations to go live.

Setting up your Online Menu

  • Before you begin accepting orders, make sure your online menu is loading properly. This includes setting up your store hours and ensuring that live inventory is syncing into Buddi.

  • In the Admin Portal, the 'My Menu' and 'Inventory Levels' pages identify which products are syncing in from your POS.
  • For instructions on how to embed the menu, refer to this article: Installing Buddi.

Enabling Online Orders

  • To allow customers to place orders online, follow the steps in this article: Enabling Online Orders.
    NOTE: Add to Cart buttons will appear if online ordering has been enabled successfully.

Toggling on Store Hours

  • Store Hours need to be toggled on to allow checkout:
    1. Go to the Admin Portal > Store Settings > Store Hours page.
    2. Verify that the times are accurate.
    3. Toggle on each day that your store is open.
    4. Leave days your store is closed toggled off. The menu will display 'closed' accordingly.

Activating Online Payments

  • To accept paid orders online, set up an online merchant account with your payment processor.
  • Buddi will connect to the account with API keys/credentials.
    1. Go to the Admin Portal > Store Settings > Online Menu: Payment
    2. Ensure that the API Keys have been entered. If not, you'll need to send Buddi the API keys / credentials.
    3. Go to the Online Menu: Configuration section to activate online payments.

  • Once activated, customers will have the option to prepay for their order at checkout.

  • We recommend that you run a Paid test order on your menu to ensure payments are working as expected. The transaction can be refunded later on (or you can keep the treat)!
NOTE: This feature is optional, and you can launch your Buddi menu without online payments fully set up. Nonetheless, our team will work closely with you to get this function up and running as soon as possible.

Final Checklist Before Going Live:

  • Buddi is aware of your target launch date (keep us informed in your onboarding ticket).
  • Your online menu is displaying accurately; live inventory is syncing into Buddi.
  • Store hours are correctly entered and toggled on.
  • Online ordering is enabled.
  • Payments are enabled (if applicable).
  • Your staff can access their Buddi accounts. They have reviewed Buddi's training material (provided in your onboarding ticket).

Our team is here to ensure a smooth launch. Please do not hesitate to reach out if you need help!

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