Cannabis products default to THC & CBD ranges in Buddi.  We obtain and coordinate these values with LPs and provincial suppliers for accuracy.  Perhaps due to consumer demand, some retailers would like to show actual THC & CBD values instead of ranges.

To override the ranges shown on your menu, please follow these steps:

  1. Enter the exact THC & CBD values into your POS product catalog

  2. Use primary measurements of % or mg/g for these four categories: Flower, Pre-Roll, Vape, and Concentrate

  3. Let Buddi know when you are done so that we can activate the sync on our end. Please include which primary measurements you have chosen to use (% or mg/g).

Upon activation, our system will automatically pull those exact values into your Buddi menu, thereby overriding the default ranges.  Moving forward, ensure that you are entering updated THC & CBD values for each product in your catalog as you receive new inventory.  Keep in mind that your store may carry more than one lot of the same product within a time-frame.