Cannabis products default to THC & CBD ranges in Buddi. We obtain and coordinate these values with LPs and provincial suppliers for accuracy. Some retailers would prefer showing exact THC & CBD values instead of ranges.

POS Compatibility + Requirements

Buddi can sync exact THC & CBD values from these POS systems:

  • Greenline
  • Cova
  • TechPOS
  • Profitek

General Process

  1. Enter the exact THC & CBD values into your POS catalog.

  2. Use primary measurements of % or mg/g for these four product categories:
    • Flower, Pre-Roll, Vape, and Concentrate

  3. Let Buddi know when you are done so that we can activate the feature on our end.

Upon activation, our system will automatically pull the exact values into your menu, thereby overriding Buddi's default THC & CBD ranges.

Guidelines / Best Practices

Consistency in Units:

Maintain consistent units for THC & CBD content across all product categories in your POS to avoid display issues on your menu. Mixing formats within a category (e.g., % vs. mg/g for flower) can lead to incorrect product information being shown. Always use the same unit of measurement for each product type.

Updating THC & CBD Values:

Regularly update the THC and CBD values in your POS catalog with the arrival of new inventory batches. The cannabinoid content may vary between batches, so it's crucial to reflect these changes promptly to ensure accurate menu information.

Handling Blank Fields:

If you choose not to enter THC and CBD values for a product in your POS, Buddi will display default ranges for these cannabinoids on your menu. This feature ensures that potential customers have access to estimated content levels, even when specific data is not provided.

Notification of Changes:

If you decide to change the primary measurement unit for any product category (e.g., from % to mg/g for flower), notify Buddi's support team at We need to update our system to accurately reflect these changes on your menu.


Consolidated Data Entry:

While custom THC & CBD values can be entered in Buddi, to maintain consistency and accuracy, it's recommended to enter all THC and CBD values directly into your POS system. This approach ensures that both your in-store POS terminal and online menu access the same data, eliminating discrepancies.

Exception for Other Cannabinoids:

For cannabinoids other than THC and CBD, such as CBN or CBG, enter the values directly in 'My Menu' on Buddi. Currently, Buddi cannot sync these specific cannabinoid values from your POS, necessitating manual entry for accurate menu representation.

POS-specific Guides

Article: Exact THC & CBD Values for Cova users

Article: Exact THC & CBD Values for Greenline users