Cannabis products default to THC & CBD ranges in Buddi. We obtain and coordinate these values with LPs and provincial suppliers for accuracy. Perhaps due to consumer demand, some retailers would like to show actual THC & CBD values instead of ranges.


To override the ranges shown on your menu, please follow these steps:

  1. Enter the exact THC & CBD values into your POS product catalog

  2. Use primary measurements of % or mg/g for these four categories: Flower, Pre-Roll, Vape, and Concentrate

  3. Within your Buddi Onboarding ticket, let your Customer Success Specialist know when you are done so that we can activate the sync on our end. Please include which primary measurements you have chosen to use (% or mg/g)

Upon activation, our system will automatically pull those exact values into your Buddi menu, thereby overriding the default ranges.  Moving forward, ensure that you are entering updated THC & CBD values for each product in your catalog as you receive new inventory.  Keep in mind that your store may carry more than one lot of the same product within a time-frame.


  • You cannot have a mix of both formats for one product category. It needs to be consistent, please choose one format and let us know.
  • You can use different formats for different categories i.e. Flower = % while Vape = mg/g.
  • If you leave your THC/CBD fields blank we will simply use the default values from Buddi.
  • You can enter THC/CBD as a range in your POS or as a single value, we accommodate both.


Compatible Point of Sale Systems:

  • Greenline
  • Cova
  • TechPOS
  • Profitek