Accessory Products


  • Buddi can auto-sync accessories from Greenline and Cova.

  • All other POS providers will have to import a .csv (Excel) file of their accessories or enter them manually in Buddi (more info in the last section of this article).
  • Accessory products are not like cannabis. More details need to be entered into your POS.
    • You may need to create UPC codes for your accessories if they don't already have them. These UPC codes cannot be identical to the SKU. Use letters and/or numbers only.

Cova & Greenline POS users

  • Products entered in your POS catalog will automatically sync/update in Buddi!
    If you are syncing accessories into Buddi for the first time, you must email us to let us know. We need to activate the function on our end.
    • Email OR reply in your Buddi Onboarding ticket
    • Once your request has been received, we will mass import of all your accessories with the push of a button. Accessories will automatically sync into Buddi moving forward.
  • Before reaching out, please ensure that your accessories contain these product details:
    • Price, Variants (ex. different sizes, colours, quantity/pack, etc.), and Inventory Count
    • Product Description and Photos are optional but recommended

More tips are found in this article: Syncing Accessories into Buddi (COVA & Greenline users)

TechPOS, BarnetPOS, & Profitek POS users


  1. Enter the following details for all your accessories:
    Product NameCategoryProduct DescriptionImage URL (Photo)VariantPriceUPC
    (not the same as SKU)
  2. Export your accessories as an excel file from your POS catalog
  3. Copy + paste the details from the exported file into Buddi's sample file (CSV).
  4. If you are using numbers only for your UPCs, ensure that the format of the UPC column is 'Fraction' in Excel, NOT 'General'
  5. Ensure that the format of the Price column is format 'Number' in Excel, NOT 'General' or 'Currency'
  6. Save over the template file > Rename it to include the date
  7. Import the saved file in the Admin Portal > Accessory Products > Bulk CSV Import page


Other option (instead of Bulk CSV Import):