Refer to the   LOGIN CREDENTIALS   found in your Buddi Onboarding ticket. There are two logins that have been created for you to use in the Admin Portal:

  1. Admin Account
  2. General Staff Account

Admin Accounts have full permission settings, allowing store owners/managers to view inventory, customize their menu, and adjust store settings.

General Staff Accounts allow staff members to manage incoming orders in Buddi, using the Order Queue. Another primary area of access is the Knowledge Base, which gives users access to Buddi's help articles. In the top right of that screen, users can submit a ticket to our Support team for help.

The login for General Staff also works for the tablet app, after signing in as a retail store. The 'Staff Member Sign-in' is found in the bottom right corner of the main tablet interface. This is mainly accessed by staff who are using the device as a 'floater tablet', holding it while on the floor serving customers. These tablets are not customer-facing / fixed at a kiosk.