New Members 

Customers who do not have a Springbig membership will have to sign up in store.   Signing up for a new membership can be done via the POS or signing up through the Springbig retailer portal. Once they are signed up, they are able to connect to their wallet, view applicable rewards and apply rewards to their online purchases in Buddi. 

Connecting To Your Wallet

Members can connect to their wallet by entering their cell phone number  via the checkout page in Buddi. If they are an existing member,  a pin code will be sent to the phone, which is used to verify the account.

Once they have entered the pin code, their wallet will appear showing the points balance, rewards available and how many points are needed to apply the reward.  Members can redeem eligible discounts by clicking the apply button. If they prefer to select a different discount instead to be applied, they can click on the "x".

Entering Your Phone Number and You Are Not a Member Yet

If a customer enters their phone number and is not a member with Springbig yet, the following message will appear in the checkout : 

"Looks like you're not a club member yet. Ask about our club membership in-store."