Creating Rewards/Offers

In order for members to eventually see their applicable rewards (i.e. if they have enough points to redeem the reward, it will appear in their wallet), retailers need to create and edit rewards in their Springbig account.  

Under the SETTINGS section, select rewards and offers. Rewards are discounts that have a point value, whereas offers are discounts that do not have a point value.

Retailers can create new rewards and edit existing ones. 

IMPORTANT - The Buddi x Springbig integration will only accept % based discounts. Pls make sure your rewards created for your customers' wallet are % based.

Rewards in Wallet

When a new customer signs up, initially they won't have any points in their wallet or rewards (because they have a 0 balance to start). Once they start to make purchases (remember they have to sign into their membership upon checkout each time to earn points on that purchase), they can accumulate points and applicable rewards will appear.

For example if they have 100 points as a balance, only rewards that are valued at 100 points or less will appear in their wallet. 

Redeeming Rewards/Offers

Springbig rewards are applied to all products in the order and will be appear  as "Club Discounts" as line item in the order. (See Image 1)


More than reward/ offer can be applied transaction if desired.    (click image to enlarge) 

Image 2 

Stackable Discounts

Springbig rewards can also be used together with Discounts and Discount Codes in Buddi