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This screen in the
 Admin Portal shows details of your POS integration, including:

  • Last Synced: shows how much time has surpassed since the last time Buddi synced with your POS
  • Total Products: number of products that are identified in your inventory
  • Notifications: lets you know if issues were detected with regards to the sync of any menu items
    • This area will display in red if any incorrect UPC codes are detected.
    • Buddi pulls the UPC code from your POS to identify products (Greenline users: UPC code = barcode). In other words, the UPC code is the main thing that our system reads with the POS integration. It has to be 100% accurate for menu items to show up in your Buddi menu.
    • The UPC code is different from the SKU.
  • Force Sync: please note that it takes time to sync menu updates into Buddi (including price updates and new inventory uploads). Click on 'Sync New Products' to speed up the process. To see immediate changes, feel free to email so that we can force the sync on our end too.

Menu Management & Product Content

The Buddi menu comes preloaded with information (such as the description and photos) for all your cannabis products; we manage that content for you. We have a large database of product listings that get created as they become available to order or hit our database from a retailer and get updated accordingly. When the UPC in your POS matches a UPC in our database, it will populate the information we have created for that product on the menu. This information will automatically populate your Buddi menu once your POS integration is active. 

In other words, your in-store and online menu will populate with live inventory and its corresponding info after we enable the integration with your POS. We typically do this after you have finished entering inventory and have completed your purchase order; you would just notify us once that's complete. We already have your integration details and can enable it once you're ready.

We do run into issues with new products not having a lot of information at the time of creating the product. This can cause minimal information to be applied to a product until we audit that product. Our Product Team continuously audits product listings to fill in missing gaps and to verify accuracy.


Missing / Wrong Product Listings

As our team work toward making this process more automated, feel free to reach out if there are any specific products with missing information ( Whenever possible, please provide the following product details for our team

  • Product Name
  • Producer/Brand
  • Size
  • UPC (not the SKU)
  • 1-2 photos of the physical product label (optional but very helpful)

Thank you!


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