Buddi's Revamped 'My Menu' UI

All of our retailer partners have been upgraded to the new version of the 'My Menu' page in the Admin Portal. This release aims to make product content management easier and provide you with more control over how your products are presented to customers. You can now adjust how cannabinoids, edible variants, and specific product content details are displayed!

This revamped user interface of the 'My Menu' page offers many customization options for your product content:

  1. Name

  2. Description

  3. Product Images

  4. Origin Province & City

  5. Flavours

  6. Terpenes, including a breakdown of exact Terpene %'s

  7. Overall Terpene %

  8. Type (product category)

  9. Growing Method

  10. Strain Type

  11. THC & CBD Symbol (units)

  12. Quantity & Units (product variant)

  13. THC, CBD, CBN, & CBD (exact values or ranges)

  14. 'Allow integration to update THC & CBD':
    Uncheck this box if you want to use the THC & CBD values shown in this Buddi listing (instead of pulling the values from your POS catalog). Note: this feature is only available to Greenline, Cova, TechPOS, and Profitek POS users.

  15. Quantity & Grams:
    This area is only applicable to the following product categories/types: Pre-roll, Infused Pre-roll, Beverage, Edible.
    This will change the appearance of the product variant on the menu, which is displayed next to the price.

  16. Dried Equivalency in grams:
    Make instant adjustments if you notice any errors. Please kindly reach out to us at support@buddi.io at your earliest convenience if this happens so that we can update our Product Database!

  17. Variant Override:
    Checkmark this box and enter anything you'd like to replace the product variant on the menu (set by L and O).
    For example, you might want to show '15 Tablets' instead of '15 Caps'; or
    '3 pcs' instead of '1 x 3pcs'; or
    '355mL' instead of '1 x 355mL'; or
    '4 bottles' instead of '4 pack'; or
    'Walnut' instead of 'Large' (as an accessory example)

  18. Instructions

  19. Ingredients

  20. 'Update content for all my stores':
    Checkmark this box if you want these changes to be applied across all store locations.

Don't forget to hit [ Save ] when you are finished!

To restore the listing to Buddi's default settings at any point, hit  'Reset Content'.

Video: Quick Overview of Menu 2.0

Video: New Content Display Settings

If you have any further questions regarding product content management, please feel free to reach out to us at support@buddi.io. We would be happy to help!