You can set up delivery as an option on the checkout page of your online menu.  This service can be integrated with one of our delivery partners, such as Onfleet, Pineapple Express, Cannalogic, or arranged independently.

To proceed, please follow the steps below:

Step 1
Enable and configure your delivery settings in the Buddi Admin Portal.

  • Checkmark Enable Delivery
  • Custom Delivery Message: this message will appear after the customer selects delivery.  It usually communicates the fulfillment time of the delivery, or perhaps when the order will arrive or be shipped out.  You can also include contact info here.
  • Enable Delivery Fee: this is where you would enter the cost for delivery
  • Waive Delivery Fee: you can set it so that delivery is free if their total sale reaches a certain amount.  For example, setting $100 in the Waived Fee Threshold field means that delivery is free if the customer purchases over $100 in products
  • Minimum Order Amount: this is a minimum amount that a customer needs to purchase to be able to choose delivery as their fulfillment method
  • Limit Delivery Cities: These are the cities that the store allows delivery within

Step 2
Let Buddi know that you would like to set up delivery as an option so that we can enable it on our end as well.


Quick Video Tutorial:

Choosing Delivery at Checkout:

Setting up delivery areas / radius: