Members can earn points on their purchases (both paid online and unpaid/pay in-store), which can then be used to redeem rewards and apply them to future online purchases. 

If an order is refunded, the points will be removed (denoted as a negative value under the points section under the check-ins section of the Springbig dashboard . 

Retailers can see how many points a customer earned for each purchase in the check-section and in their customer profile in Springbig.

For both the  Cova and Greenline POS. an anonymous purchase is shown and then approximately 10 min later the corresponding Buddi purchase will appear (with the customer's name, number and points earned). However in Cova, in order to see the anonymous purchase, the order has to be completed in the Cova POS. 

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Customer Profile 

In the customer profile in Springbig you can view details such as their visits and rewards and/or offers have been redeemed. There is also a link to the customer's wallet if you would like to provide them with that. 

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